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Although many plants are mentioned and illustrated in this book, it is not intended as a ‘flora’ of Mallorca. Rather, it is aimed at the island’s visitor who may wish to know more about the Mallorcan environment and is ready to forsake the attractions of the beach for a while to explore further inland, in quest of ‘the other Mallorca’ ? an island which, beyond its concrete resorts and despite the destruction such developments have wreaked, has retained so much unspoilt scenery to delight in, and still hides natural riches (among them its flora), whose discovery stimulates the interest and is a source of recurrent pleasure, since photographs (and there are endless opportunities to take them) are bound to recall exciting moments.
During the many years we spent in Mallorca, my husband and I spent much time walking up and down the country. In the process, we learned much about the island, concentrating more particularly on its botanical wealth. Needless to say, we collected numerous photographs, some of which are included in this book, to serve as reference perhaps, but above all, to try and tempt readers to go, like us, in search of the Mallorca that remains unknown to many, not to say most, of the visitors who, nowadays apparently flock to the island in their millions.
And if this happens, if, thanks to, this book, a few readers are sufficiently impressed and feel the urge to pack a rucksack (not forgetting the indispensable digital camera) and start on a discovery journey, then, I shall feel this enterprise was not in vain.

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